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Free video downloader and converter with audio extraction capabilities
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ClipSmash has been designed to allow you to download videos from the Internet and convert them into your favorite format. You can also use it as a standalone video converter and extract the audio stream of your video files and save it as a WAV or MP3 file. It supports some of the most widely used video formats, such as AVI, MPEG, MOV, or FLV. Besides, it is free. It has everything to become a successful tool, except that it does not work.

Initially, and being a free tool, the program looked like a good alternative to commercial products that offer a similar functionality. It is supposed to download any online video that you can point it to just by entering its URL. You can save it in a different format, extract its audio, and even perform some basic editing tasks (change the screen size, rotate and flip it, and even crop it). Both the downloading and the conversion processes are being dealt with in one single operation. The downloading itself seems to work fine, though the downloading speed leaves much to be desired. It is when it comes to converting and saving the video into the format selected that the program gets into trouble. It does not matter if you have just downloaded the video file or if you selected an existing one from one of your drives, the result is always the same – the program stops somewhere between 60 and 65% in the conversion process and an error message pops up. When you acknowledge the error message, the program closes itself.

There is nothing much that you can do about it. Taking advantage of the program’s batch capabilities, I tried with various files at a time. I even mixed downloaded files with video files in different formats... to no avail. The converted video files were completely unplayable.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Forces you to install an unrequested search provider (Ask)
  • Conversion processes produce an error at around 60%
  • Poor downloading speed
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